The Challenge

This year, I decided that rather than make a load of diet related new year’s resolutions or do something silly and quit booze, I would set myself a fun challenge.

It all came out of my realisation that I hadn’t read a book in months! Until June of last year, I was working in publishing and so always had a book on the go. I’ve always been a keen reader so a few months without any books is a big deal for me. So, I decided I’d make a point to read a book a week for a year – and also to challenge myself a bit in my choices of reading material so I don’t just read 52 chick lit novels that make me go crazy!

So, I got all excited about how well read I was going to become over the next year, but then I thought – is that really challenging enough? I’ve been known to read a book a day whilst on holiday! So I decided to add another element… cooking!

I am not a novice cook, in fact it’s something I love, but I often get stuck in a rut and cook the same things. So, why not challenge myself to cook a new recipe a week too? Yep, why not indeed? And to tie it all up neatly, let’s make that choice of recipe in some way related to the book I’m reading (warning, there may be some very tenuous links!)

So that’s that – this blog is born out of my challenge. A blog for lovers of food and books. Watch this space for more…


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