Week Fifteen: The Longest Holiday

This wasn’t the book I had planned to read this week, but finishing Americanah kind of left me a little bit drained. I didn’t want to launch straight into a serious book, I needed a bit of a break. So I chose to read The Longest Holiday, by Paige Toon. In fact I didn’t really choose it, I got a code for a free ebook from Galaxy (courtesy of Marta, my brother’s girlfriend) and this was one of the options. Here’s the cover which will give you a clue about what kind of book it is:


Laura is happily married to Matthew – or so she thinks until one day, just seven months into their marriage, she discovers (via Facebook, of course) that on his stag night, Matthew had a classy one night stand in the toilets of a club and said one night stand has resulted in him fathering a child. Devastated, Laura jumps at the chance to join her friends Marty and Bridget on a girly holiday to Key West, Florida. Whilst recuperating in the sunshine, Laura meets the enigmatic and gorgeous Leo – a man of few words. On a whim, she decides to stay in Florida rather than return to blighty and over the weeks becomes closer to Leo, until you’ve guessed it, the two end up together. But how long can Laura ignore reality in the UK and who will she chose to spend her life with? Unfaithful Matthew or damaged Leo, who can’t express his feelings…

As novels go, this one is pretty cliched and quite one dimensional. Funny, I used to read books like this all the time, but now they don’t appeal so much. Either the genre has got so crowded that anything vaguely romantic and funny will get published OR I’ve grown up! Who knows… Anyway, there isn’t really much more to say about this book, but it’s done the trick and has got me craving a proper book to read. Ready to get back on track…

Despite a mediocre book, it was easy for me to choose something to make this week – the thing I always think of when Florida comes to mind is KEY LIME PIE!! However, much as I would have loved to make a proper key lime pie, my waistline wouldn’t forgive me and it would go to waste. Instead, I decided to take inspiration from those little Gu pots and make my own healthier version.

I made this recipe up, so it’s not really a recipe, more an assembling of food in a dish.

Step one – make lime curd

I used this recipe from the BBC website and really it couldn’t have been easier. All you need is:

  • 2 limes
  • 2 eggs
  • 112g golden caster sugar
  • 25g butter

Put all the ingredients in a saucepan and whisk over a medium/low heat. The mixture will thicken as it cooks and you whisk – this takes about 15mins. Turned out pretty good and I have some left – I put some in my porridge this morning which was pretty good!

Step two – make the base

All I did here was crumble two digestive biscuits and shove into the bottom of a small glass ramekin (think they were originally from those Gu pots, how apt). Easy peasy!

Step three – mix the topping

For this I kept it simple and mixed a pot of Total fat free greek yogurt with about a tablespoon of icing sugar and the juice of one lime.

Step four – assemble!

I spooned about a tablespoon of the curd on top of my base then topped with the yogurt mixture. I then decorated with some lime zest and tucked in.

Here’s the finished result:



Quite professional even if I do say so myself! Masterchef invention test here I come!


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