Week Seventeen: Kiss Me First


Kiss Me First by debut author Lottie Moggach was my book of choice for week seventeen. What a cracker of a read! Very enjoyable indeed – this book had me really gripped. The basic premise is this: Leila, a young woman who lives most of her life online, becomes involved with an online cult-like organisation called the Red Pill. Essentially it’s an online forum, where members have debates on ethical and philosophical topics. Without any friends or family to keep her in the real world, Leila becomes further and further drawn into this world. Tess, is the complete opposite of Leila – vivacious, bubbly and living life to the full. She hops from man to man, goes to parties, takes too many drugs etc… but the flipside is that she suffers from bipolar disorder and her life is full of highs and lows. Tess decides that she no longer wants to live her life – and so Leila is recruited to pose as Tess and assimilate her life so that her friends and family are none the wiser. Leila spends months ‘becoming’ Tess, absorbing every detail of her life, reading her emails, quizzing her on everything and learning the way she speaks, until the lines between Leila and ‘Tess’ become increasingly blurred…. and what really has happened to Tess?

This is a great thriller with a highly original concept. It had me gripped from the very beginning, with it’s fast pace and interesting characters. It really made me think – these days we conduct so much of our lives online, everything from work, to banking, to dating… quite terrifying really! This is a sophisticated thriller with a difference – well worth reading!

No cooking this week as I’ve not had time!! But will make amends next week and cook up a feast!


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