Book Thirty-One: Before We Met

before we met

Hannah has the perfect relationship with her husband Mark – a kind, loving man, a beautiful house, all she could ever really want. But one evening, just nine months into their marriage, that all begins to unravel when he fails to return from his business trip to New York. He phones her and explains all, but something in his story doesn’t sit quite right with Hannah and she gradually uncovers lie after lie… just who is it that Hannah has married and what is the secret that he is hiding?

Billed as the British Gone Girl, this thriller has a few twists and turns in store, but for me it just wasn’t gripping enough and dare I say it, a little predictable. I found the opening a little slow but by time it really got going, I’d figured out the twist! Not ideal for a novel that relies on tension and suspense to keep you engaged… for me the plot was just a little bit thin and distinctly average. A decent time filler, but this book didn’t really leave any lasting impression – but then I guess any book I’d read after The Goldfinch was going to have to work hard to impress me! 


Food wise, this book just didn’t really inspire me, but I will share a random mish-mash meal I like to make sometimes! It’s one of my random inventions – big on taste but not very pretty…

Halloumi, Kale, Courgette and Tomato Hash


Halloumi cheese (about 1/4 of a pack, cut into chunks)

Kale (decent handful)

2 tomatoes (quartered and de-seeded)

Half a courgette

A few new potatoes (cooked)

2 eggs (beaten)

1 tsp sumac

1tsp chilli flakes

To make:

First of all boil your new potatoes for about 20mins until they are nice and soft. 

In a pan, fry your veg until nice and tender and then add in the spices, the cooked potatoes (chop them up a bit) and the halloumi and cook for a few mins until the halloumi is melted. Bring all the ingredients into the centre of the pan and then pour the egg over the top. Cook for a few mins until it’s a bit like an omelette, then serve!

Looks a mess, but tastes immense!



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